Our Vision

E.L.D.A. merges modern architecture with the preservation of traditional culture and a deep respect for nature, art and the future whilst honouring your desire for a space that is meaningful to you.

The time that we spend inside, between and around buildings is an important part of our lives. The effect of that time plays a significant role in our human psychology.

Today, we see that the awareness given to the role of buildings in our lives, and in our well-being, is decreasing all the time. Day by day, we feel how the buildings, houses, streets and cities that are built, and in which we live, unfortunately reduce our quality of life rather than raising it.

If we are not careful, we might get used to this way of living and allow it to take away from our quality of life.

Our aim is to keep this awareness.

We believe that architecture is not only about bringing building materials together to complete a physical s ructure. We believe that every line drawn, every material chosen should be unique to their user and that they should cater to a need for genuine comfort and beauty.

A meaningful life starts when we realise that nature, culture, art and the future belong to all of us.

We love to build and we want to make a positive contribution to this life and the world we live in.

Our aim is to design structures which are meant especially for you - according to your needs - but at the same time to forge that ideal relationship between humans and buildings. We want the building we design for you to contribute to your quality of life, to give you a breath of fresh air in the drudgery of the everyday, and to provide you with a meaningful environment that will be a constant source of inspiration.

Evergreen Living Design and Architecture